This is the easiest recipe that you make with in few minutes. I know I say that for a lot of recipe but this is really super simple – there are no spices used in this cabbage poriyal. How did that happen? An Indian recipe without spices! Well, sometimes simple ingredients bring out the best flavor and to relish the flavor of cabbage and coconut in this recipe, you have to keep things simple.


Cabbage poriyal is a famous side dish from South India where cabbage is tempered with mustard seeds, curry leaves and some lentils. It is finally topped with some freshly grated coconut. It’s kind of comfort food, simple yet delicious!

Like I said this recipe can be done in minutes, there’s not much prep work involved. Yes you need to slice the cabbage, I did it by hand but you can very well use your food processor. I got lazy thinking about the cleaning part of it so used knife in place but if you are not lazy like me, use your food processor! You need to cook this uncovered without adding any water, cabbage already has plenty of moisture so there is no need for any extra water. It took around 8-9 minutes for the cabbage to cook and once it’s cooked you garnish it with some freshly grated coconut – so good!


* You can adjust the quantity of coconut to preference. Anywhere between 1/3 cup to 1/2 cup would be fine.

* If you want you can add sliced onions in this recipe. Add them before adding the cabbage and saute till translucent. You can also add sliced ginger after adding the lentils.

* Use freshly grated coconut for best taste. Frozen coconut can be used if fresh isn’t available.


Cre: CookwithManali

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