03/01/2020 Blog

Fried Pastries stuffed with spicy green peas, mango powder and coriander Fried pastries stuffed with dal until they were crispy, flaky and warm. Anand (who ran the little street food stall); would crush the centre of each khasta kachori. Fill it with yoghurt, fresh chutneys, onions, sev and coriander. Every bite was a medley of […]

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Hummus Roti Rolls with Beans, Corn & Avocado

02/01/2020 Blog

Wholesome Hummus Roti Rolls filled with black beans, sweet corn and avocado. You need only 10 minutes to make these! Cooking healthy for kids can get challenging. Let’s face it, kids are fussy eaters (most of them!) and get bored easily. When I was a kid mom often packed roti or paratha in my lunch […]

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25/12/2019 Blog

Simple Fruit Custard makes a light and refreshing summer dessert. It’s quick, easy and delicious! These desserts were often on repeat because they were easy to make and required not so fancy ingredients. We didn’t have an oven so cakes and pastries were out of the question. Fruit Custard made an appearance very frequently during […]

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