Coconut Rose Kalakand

Kalakand is yet another Indian sweet which is made using milk. It basically has only 2 ingredients – milk and sugar, everything else is optional. The good part about this sweet is that it’s easy to make, is tasty and not too filling like most desserts. The bad part? it doesn’t have a long shelf life, tastes best when consumed fresh.

This dish is usually served cut into individual servings that are typically shaped like squares. It is cold, soft, and sweet, and the squares are jelly-like with a slight crunch from the nuts on top. Though basic kalakand is made only of cheese and sweetened milk, some varieties of this dish contain fruits or vegetables with flavors that blend well with this milky dessert.


Less than 2 weeks left for Diwali! Have you guys already decided on the Diwali menu?

If you are still deciding on the which sweets to prepare, then I have got just the right choice for you. Kalakand is infused with flavors of coconut and rose in this decadent dessert!


The Coconut Rose Kalakand makes a delicious treat for the festive season! It has a moist, crumbly and grainy texture with sweet milky taste.

This Coconut Rose Kalakand is not only delicious but it also looks so pretty! Isn’t it? Look at that pretty pink color and topped with those green pistachios!

Don’t forget: Store Coconut Rose Kalakand in the refrigerator and consume with in 3 days!



This Coconut Rose Kalakand

✓ makes a beautiful dessert for Diwali

✓ the pink color makes it extra-festive

✓ is super easy to make

✓ requires only a handful of ingredients!

Cre: Cookwithmanali

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