Hummus Roti Rolls with Beans, Corn & Avocado

Wholesome Hummus Roti Rolls filled with black beans, sweet corn and avocado. You need only 10 minutes to make these!


Cooking healthy for kids can get challenging. Let’s face it, kids are fussy eaters (most of them!) and get bored easily. When I was a kid mom often packed roti or paratha in my lunch box because these flatbreads were filling and wholesome and so the perfect fit for my lunch box. And while I was not a fussy eater at all, I know most kids are not like this.

It’s not that they don’t want to enjoy healthy home cooked meals but you have to present it in new forms to catch their attention. For example if you keep giving them roti with some sabzi everyday they might not enjoy it but if you make these delicious Hummus Roti Rolls out of your regular roti, they sure would! These easy rolls are filled with beans, corn and avocado which makes them rich in protein and good fats (hello avocado!).


I know most moms want to feed their kids fresh homemade rotis but life is busy and the whole “roti making process” quite a challenge! Especially for those of us who live outside India and there’s no house help, it becomes all the more difficult to make fresh rotis every day. Even if you decide to knead the dough in bulk for 2-3 days, it never lasts that long. I know how many times I have thrown my roti dough in the dustbin, yeah not a very good feeling!


And then to avoid these things we end up buying frozen rotis or tortillas and this cycle just keeps repeating itself.  And when you can have fresh rotis that easily, it seriously opens up so many possibilities. These whole wheat flatbreads are good for you and there’s so much you can do with them like fill them with interesting flavors and make rolls for your kids. I just had to fill the rotis and roll them up. Super easy! Here’s a pictorial description for you guys.

To make these Hummus Roti Rolls, you would need to prepare the filling. In a bowl toss together cooked black beans, sweet corn and diced avocado. Add salt, pepper, chopped cilantro and lime juice. Mix till well combined.


Spread the hummus on top of the rotis. Place a small piece of lettuce on one side of the roti (optional) and then top it with the prepared beans corn and avocado filling.


And then starting from one end, roll up the rotis tightly. The rolls will seal easily since there’s hummus applied all over the roti so it sticks the ends together.


Enjoy these healthy, wholesome and delicious Hummus Roti Rolls with your family. Kids will surely love the flavors!


* If you want to make these rolls spicy, consider adding some jalapeños or cayenne pepper to the filling.

Cre: CookwithManali

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