Mushroom pulao is an Indian mushroom rice recipe that makes for a tasty one-pot brunch or dinner. A simple vegan and gluten-free rice pilaf that comes together in 25 minutes in the instant pot.

Mushroom pulao is a simple, easy to make, veg rice dish that is very fragrant and flavorful. An Indian style rice preparation that’s aromatic due to the use of Indian basmati rice, mint leaves and Indian spices like cinnamon and nutmeg. It makes for a perfect dinner meal or lunchbox with a side like raita or korma. Mushroom, a source of meatless vegetarian protein lends a robust earthy flavor to the pulao.

You can make the pulao in a cooking vessel or a rice cooker too. Mushroom pulao ingredients include mushrooms, basmati rice or any long grained rice, sliced onions, green chilies, chopped fresh mint, coriander leaves, ginger garlic paste, yogurt or coconut milk and cashew nuts. The spices that go into the making of mushroom pulao recipe are cloves, cinnamon, star anise, mace, nutmeg powder, black cardamom, green cardamom and bay leaf.

Mushroom Pulao is a North Indian main dish made with aromatic spices and basmati rice. Mushrooms add a crunchy, delectable taste to this rice recipe. We all love eating and there are times when we love to indulge in some really good food. Mushroom Pulao is one of the easiest rice recipes and a one pot meal in itself. It is quick and has many variations like peas pulao, vegetable pulao, paneer pulao etc.



This variation of mushroom pulao has mixed vegetables and mushroom making it rich in nutrients. A complete meal for vegetarians, you don’t need any side dish with this pulao recipe. This is a great party recipe for a large gathering, serve it with raita and papad. The nice and piquant aroma of garlic and ginger paste will add a unique taste to this rice recipe. Apart from being tasty, this pulao recipe is full of nutrients as it has almost all green veggies.

You can also make this pulao on special occasions like kitty parties, pot lucks or even as a lazy sunday brunch. Try it and enjoy!

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