Aloo Matar

Aloo Matar (pronounced mutter) is a dish everyone  — kids and adults alike — adores and why wouldn’t they? Peas and potatoes are probably two of the most popular veggies around, and who can resist them when they are drowning in a sea of spicy, red, tomato-ey sauce. 

An easy curry of potatoes and peas cooked together with basic ingredients or spices. It is vegan, it is gluten free!


Either you make aloo matar in kadai or pressure cooker or instant pot or even in slow cooker, it tastes utterly delicious. No complains at all! Even an amateur cook can make this recipe easily. This potato and peas curry is basically cooked in onion tomato masala and basic spices powders.

Basic Aloo matar recipe can be broaden by adding cashew nut paste or almond paste along with kasuri methi (dried fenugreek) and some cream to giving it a touch of restaurants or dhabas. Or, simply add cauliflower into it to make aloo gobhi matar or add carrot to make aloo gajar matar.


This Aloo Matar Recipe (Potato Peas Curry)

  • is an extremely easy recipe that requires no fancy stuffs.
  • can be made using fresh as well as frozen peas.
  • is healthy and tasty.
  • can make the use of baby potatoes, instead of regular potatoes.
  • is vegan and gluten free.
  • can be made as a no onion no garlic aloo matar by easily skipping both of them.
  • can easily pair with breads, puris, parathas, phulkas or rice and khichdi.


Aloo mutter makes a great meal even when you eat with it just plain rice or phulkas, you will never regret to try it at least once. Let’s see how to make it on stovetop as well as in instant pot.

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