Masala Smashed Potatoes

18/11/2019 Blog

Spiced and tangy Masala Smashed Potatoes! These smashed potatoes are flavored with Indian spices and would make a great appetizer for the holidays! We all love potatoes, don’t we? Whether it’s in the form of paratha or stuffed in sandwich or in form of a simple stir-fry, potatoes are always present in my kitchen. Recently, I have […]

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15/11/2019 Blog

Mumbai Pav bhaji is a popular street food snack from Maharashtra. A smooth melange of variety of vegetables cooked in lots of butter and Bombay pav bhaji masala powder, served with buttered pav. This super yummy recipe which will NEVER EVER FAIL, you bet! What Is Pav Bhaji? (Pav = Soft buns or dinner rolls, Bhaji = special mixed vegetable gravy) Pav Bhaji is […]

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14/11/2019 Blog

Sambar Recipe – It is a delicious traditional South Indian lentil and mix vegetable stew made using special spice powder. This sambar dal is a great side dish, easy to make and significantly served as a breakfast along with soft idli, vada, dosa. An ultimate vegetable sambar recipe to pair with rice, a heavenly combination, believe me! What Is […]

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